these are the days.


these are the days.

MEMORIAL DAY 2019-7.jpg

These are the days. The ones that we’ll remember in years to follow. The ones we’ll look back on, sigh & think “wow. those were the good old days.” These are the days that are shaping our future. These are the day I want to capture & remember forever.

Taylor & Meagan's New House-29.jpg

Maybe I’m feeling this a little extra these days because many of my closest friends are starting new lives together. They’re getting married. They’re buying houses. They’re starting new jobs, going to school, pursuing the things they’ve dreamt of for their entire lives. They’re doing BIG THINGS & it inspires me in every way.

Baby Otto Comes Home-69.jpg

Maybe it’s because I’m watching my closest friends’ precious babies grow up right in front of my eyes. They’re walking. They’re talking. They’re turning 2. Then 3. Then 4. You blink & you’ll miss it, those days physically gone but forever etched in your memory.

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Maybe it’s because my world is changing. In 3 short months, I’ll be starting school. I don’t know what this fall will look like. I don’t know what hours I’ll get to work, how much of a social life I’ll manage to have, how much of my sanity I’ll get to keep. (kidding but seriously.) Not knowing what’s on the horizon is a little terrifying but also strangely exhilarating.

Westerfield Spring 2019-133.jpg

At the end of the day, I think I just want to freeze these days. These sweet days that can seem so long but turn into years that are far too short. These days that only last for 24 hours. I want to remember it all for years to come.

Brayton & Calvyn at Ruston May 2019-20.jpg

These are the days. Are you capturing them?